• Charter Innovation Education Mini-Grants

    Calhoun City Schools’ Charter System is pleased to announce their Charter Innovation Education Mini-Grants Program for 2015-2016. Its purpose is to support teachers who have innovative ideas for enriching the standard curriculum or providing students with additional learning experiences. Grants will be awarded to support innovative, student-based educational projects that enhance learning with the objective of motivating students and improving student achievement.

    School Governance Teams wish to support the needs of our students, parents, teachers and the community. This packet provides guidelines to the Charter Innovation Education Mini-Grant process and a copy of a grant application. By following the guidelines, procedures and deadlines outlined in this packet, you will ensure that your application receives proper consideration.

    What do Charter Innovation Education Mini-Grants support?

    Calhoun City Schools Preschool-12 faculty and administrators may apply for funding in support of enrichment projects that benefit Calhoun City School students. The program plans to fund a broad range of projects, from those that focus on traditional academic subjects, to others in the visual and performing arts, and still others that promote multi-cultural and community learning experiences. Grants will be awarded in three categories: P-5; 6-8; and 9-12.

    Charter funded programs should enhance, not duplicate, the standard curriculum. We look for innovative, creative ideas that fall outside the ordinary school budget, yet promise to augment the curricula in a meaningful way. SGTs encourage projects that demonstrate a partnership between teachers, schools and disciplines.

    Who decides whether a project gets funded?

    The Calhoun City Schools System School Governance Mini-Grant Committee reviews grant applications each grant cycle. The Charter Innovation Education Mini-Grant Committee is a diverse group, comprised of co-chairs from each School Governance Team, the superintendent and department directors. The Committee makes funding recommendations to the Chief Academic Officer. The Grant Committee may choose to offer partial funding at its discretion. The System School Governance Committee encourages collaborative funding and invites applicants to seek partial or additional funding from other sources.

    What makes an Charter Innovation Education Mini-Grant application successful?

    * The application must be complete and comply with deadlines. It should include a clear, typed presentation of the request on the appropriate forms. The application should be clearly written and understood by non-educators. It must include all authorizing signatures.

    * The proposal should demonstrate creativity and innovation in educational programming and target a significant number of Calhoun City school children.

    * The project may seed an initiative that could be later replicated in other schools or grades or expanded as a large grant, promising to benefit students in future years.

    * The proposal may be a collaborative effort between educators, schools, parents or others to reach children in multiple classrooms, grade levels or schools.

    How to Apply: Complete and submit the grant application located at www.calhounschools.org Charter System Mini-Grant to Dr. Brittney Wilson, Chief Academic Officer

    When to Apply: FY16 Grant Cycle 1 applications will be accepted on an on-going basis now through September 25, 2015.

    Questions: Contact Dr. Brittney Wilson at 706-602-6608 or wilsonb@calhounschools.org