What better way to celebrate a birthday during the fall & winter months than having a swimming party?  Weather is never a problem and the pool is heated. Call now to reserve the CAC for your child's birthday party and select from private or semi-private options. Both 2 hour rentals. We host corporate events/ team events/ school events, etc. A room will be provided for your party to set up food and beverage. Concessions can be sold by CAC, if requested.
    Private:                    $300 (1-25 participants)          $400 (26-50 participants)
    Semi-Private:          $200 (1-25 participants)          $300 (26-50 participants)
     *Semi-private parties are available on scheduled Open Swim Dates/Times 
    Call 706-602-6817 to book your pool party today! 
    How do I book my pool rental?
    1) Complete the Pool Rental Packet
    2) Email or return to the CAC Office (If possible, provide an alternative date/time) 
    3) Pay deposit to CAC