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Calhoun’s 3 C's Communication Channel: 
Compliments, Concerns, & Constructive Feedback 
An effective organization requires a clearly communicated expectation to honor and follow an established chain of command by all the organization’s members and stakeholders. This practice assists in building respect and trust for all and provides the most effective way to address any issue that may arise. In our school district of over 4,200 students, 450+ employees, and thousands of parents, it is even more critical that this practice is honored.
To assist you with any issue, please see the list below for immediate assistance. If a parent is having an issue at their child’s school, we highly recommend that the best place to start is always with their child’s teacher. Nearly always, any matter can be addressed appropriately at that level. But if not, the principal desires the opportunity to hear any matter associated with the school they are charged to lead. Please give them that opportunity. An unresolved concern beyond that level should be shared with the superintendent.
School Matters:
Primary School Principal:  Mana Smith
Elementary School Principal:  Jaime Garrett
Middle School Principal: Casey Parker
High School Principal: Dr. Peter Coombe
Assistant Principals charged with monitoring student academic progress / scheduling etc.
Calhoun Primary: Julie Thomas
Calhoun Elementary: Hope Stephenson
Calhoun Middle: Allison Eubanks
Calhoun High: Tiffany Watson
If you have a concern regarding a discipline matter you should direct your correspondence to the
Assistant Principals charged with monitoring school discipline / bus issues:
Calhoun Primary: Shelly West
Calhoun Elementary:  Mandy Robertson
Calhoun Middle: Misty Lewis
Calhoun High: Brock Holley
Matters that remain unresolved and have exhausted this requested chain of command may be brought to the attention of the Office of the Superintendent, Dr. Michele Taylor
Please be mindful that our Board Members are governed by State Law and SACS (Cognia) accreditation guidelines which focus their responsibilities in the area of policy, and generally are precluded from being involved in operational and student management issues.
Our goal as a school system is to always serve our students, parents and community in the most effective way possible. Your help in following this protocol is very important to our success.   Thank you!