GA Vision Project Goal Alignment

Role:    The primary function of the Board is to establish policy and maintain a fiscally sound school system where the administration of the educational programs are directed by the Superintendent and the leadership staff.

Vision:  To promote a charter school district that provides a healthy, stimulating and safe environment, conducive to learning for all students, exceeding State and Federal guidelines that supports our District’s goal of life-long learners in the pursuit of excellence.

  • (Board Goals)

Mission:  To inspire all students to become lifelong learners in the pursuit of excellence.

Strategic Goal 1 – We will provide a quality educational experience that focuses on student achievement.

Objective 1:  Increase achievement levels for all students to insure their international competitiveness and adaptability to an ever-changing technological society. 

  • Make every decision with thoughtful consideration of what is best for all students.
  • Formulate data driven policies that provide a challenging educational program of high quality to improve student achievement in academic performance toward college and career readiness.

Georgia Vision Project Goals: (3.4) (3.5) (4.1) (4.2) (4.3) (4.4) (7.1) (7.2)

*See School SMART Goals.

Strategic Goal 2 – We will employ highly qualified teachers, leaders and staff in all positions and provide professional learning opportunities to continuously improve our instructional program.

Objective 2:  Improve performance of students, staff, and the school system through professional learning opportunities that are standards-based, job embedded and collaborative.

  • Board and Staff: Follow the State’s Board of Education Standards, abide by the adopted Code of Ethics and attend annual trainings.

Georgia Vision Project Goals: (5.1) (5.2)

Objective 3:  Attract, retain, and train the best teachers, principals and support staff.  (See Also Objective 11)

  • Retain, promote and recruit highly qualified faculty, administrators and staff.

Georgia Vision Project Goals: (6.1) (6.2) (6.3) (6.5)

Strategic Goal 3 – We will continuously improve our organizational effectiveness and establish support structures that enhance student’s physical and emotional well-being to help them achieve.

  • Ensure a safe, healthy environment for all students, teachers and staff.
  • Commit to a transparency of all processes to provide accountability and oversight.
  • Maintain the expectation of continuous improvement and organizational effectiveness throughout the school system.

Objective 4:  Pursue alternative funding sources to maintain and expand existing and essential programs or to initiate new programs and services aligned with the system’s mission, System Improvement Initiatives and beliefs.

Objective 5: Develop support, technical assistance and intervention strategies to assure that all students receive adequate and appropriate services to enhance the quality of the school experience.

Objective 6:  In collaboration with technical colleges, other institutions of higher learning and the local business community, insure that CTAE programs prepare students for a diverse and technologically rich society.

Georgia Vision Project Goals: (5.4) 

Objective 7:  – Utilize technology to both improve student achievement and increase the school district’s productivity and efficiency as an excellent school system.

Objective 8:  Insure that all students and staff have a safe and secure environment for teaching and learning. 

Georgia Vision Project Goals: (8.1) (8.2)

Objective 9:  Provide a transportation system that is efficient and safe.

Objective 10:  Organize the School Day and Allocate Funds to Support Student Learning

Georgia Vision Project Goals: (9.3) (9.4)

Objective 11 –Improve procedures for employing personnel, allocating positions, recruiting and retaining staff members.

Objective 12:  Create a system of accountability which is aligned with the School System’s Priorities.

Georgia Vision Project Goals: (7.1)

Objective 13– Participation in the Child Nutrition program at each of the schools will increase annually.

Objective 14:  Strengthen and align Student Services and Support.

Strategic Goal 4 – We will ensure community engagement with customer and stakeholder support and satisfaction while remaining focused on system and school improvement initiatives.

Objective 15:  Increase parental and community involvement through public engagement policies and practices that treat parents, businesses, community based organizations and agencies, local institutions of higher learning and other public entities as true partners in the educational process.

  • Establish effective communication channels with school and system governance teams, teachers, parents, staff, and civic groups.
  • Increase Board of Education representation at school, civic and community events.

Georgia Vision Project Goals: (7.4) (8.4) (8.6)