Jacket Junction Mobile Learning Lab



The Early Language and Literacy Mini Grant Program, a joint effonal public schools, charter schools, school districts, nonprofit organizations, and community organizations could apply for grant funds. Eligible organizations could apply as a single entity and receive between $5,000 and $20,000. Alternatively, they could apply as multiple entities – allowing them to maximize the scope of their projects and receive between $5,000 and $20,000 for each entity included in the application. Therefore, some projects received more than $20,000. However, the funding will support multiple agencies.

Calhoun City Schools will receive approximately $20,000 to support its Mobile Learning Lab thanks to the efforts of our grant writers, Amanda Schutz, Student Services Director and Dr. Lisa Drake, Teacher and Leader Development Specialist. CCS was named Charter System of the Year and will use proceeds from the grant award to "wrap" the bus with photos of students from crayons to careers. Our vision will soon become a reality as we prepare to move our bus out into the community to engage parents and young children in the learning process.

The Jacket Junction Mobile Learning Lab will bring literacy into the community by exposing families to a literacy-rich environment. High school students enrolled in the third level of the Education Pathway will operate the lab under the supervision of their teacher. The lab will travel into the local housing authority properties twice a week for four hours. During this time, high school students will provide language rich adult- child interactions through literacy centers.