School Resource Officers

School Resource Officers (SRO) are important partners for our school system and the community as they foster a peaceful and respectful learning environment for all students by developing and maintaining positive relationships with teachers and students that help prevent and reduce school violence. These on-duty City of Calhoun Police Officers work full-time at each of our three campuses as part of our partnership with the Calhoun Police Department.

"We are so excited to continue the strong partnership with Calhoun's Police Department.  The Mayor and Council have shared the cost of our present SRO for the past several years and recognize that we are in need of additional support. We are extremely appreciative of this partnership. We have also designated each campus as a Calhoun Police Precinct to offer additional support and visibility of our community's local law enforcement.  School safety is a shared responsibility by all of us. We appreciate our students, parents, teachers, administrators and community members all serving as a team to help keep our children safe.” Stated School Superintendent, Dr. Michele Taylor.  


Sergeant Mark Waycaster

Mark Waycaster



Sergeant Mark Waycaster, who began his career in law enforcement in 1995, has been with the Calhoun Police Department since 2006. He has been serving as the Calhoun City Schools’ SRO since 2014 and was recently assigned to Calhoun Middle and High School. Prior to being the School Resource Officer, he worked as a patrol officer and Assistant Commander for Calhoun Police Department’s Special Ops Division. Sergeant Waycaster and his wife Gayle have son, Cameron, who is a 2019 graduate of Calhoun High School.



Corporal Josh Justice



Corporal Josh Justice began his law enforcement career in 2009. He has been with the City of Calhoun since day one of his law enforcement journey. While being with the Calhoun Police Department, he has worked as a patrol officer, probation officer, court services enforcement officer and now as the School Resource Officer at the Calhoun Primary and Elementary Schools. Corporal Justice and his wife, Nicole, have two wonderful children that also attend Calhoun City Schools.