Superintendent’s Welcome

Thank you for visiting our website. It is our goal to continually seek ways to improve upon Calhoun City Schools’ rich tradition of excellence; excellence in academics, arts and athletics. Calhoun City Schools has been a part of the Calhoun, Gordon County community for more than one hundred years and there are so many accomplishments that could be shared. A history rich in achievement and honor surrounds this school system. Calhoun City Schools began with a small number of dedicated community leaders who wanted to give our children opportunities to not only succeed in life but to excel. Community members continue to flank our schools with support, thus creating a tradition of devotion and pride, which has prevailed throughout the decades. As we look upon the successes of our first one hundred years, we must attribute these not to buildings, not to programs, but to teachers, administrators, support staff members and parents who supported our children, the community who supported our schools and to our students who have grown up to become the heart of this community. 

I am a 1986 graduate of Calhoun High School and I have so many fond memories as a student. As I walk through the hallways in all of our school buildings today, I see and feel an overwhelming sense of pride which is also felt by our students and teachers. Faculty and staff are committed to providing an exemplary education. Our mission is to inspire all students to become life-long learners in the pursuit of excellence. As Superintendent, I look forward to working with all of our stakeholders to continue on a path of progress and to achieve this mission. 

Dr. Michele Taylor
Calhoun City Schools