Calhoun City Schools Test Security

We recognize the importance of conducting and maintaining an excellent student assessment program. The successful implementation of the statewide student assessment program requires a concerted effort by many individuals at the school and system level.  The System Testing Coordinators provide annual training to School Test Coordinators on the numerous mandated State testing instruments.  In turn, each School Test Coordinator provides regular training for school test examiners according to established system procedures and the Georgia Department of Education regulations. All testing materials are kept in a secure, locked room where only school administrators have access, unless being used for their designed purpose.  The System Test Coordinators, Principals and School Test Coordinators carefully monitor all state testing to ensure procedural guidelines are followed. System/School testing procedures are designed to be consistent with guidance provided in the Georgia Department of Education Student Assessment Handbook and in strict adherence to the Code of Ethics for Educators established by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. Please direct any questions about system testing, security or procedures to Dr. Peter Coombe, Assistant Superintendent, 706.602.6661.

State-mandated Assessments include:
ACCESS for English Language Learners
Georgia Alternate Assessment (GAA)
Georgia Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (GKIDS)
Milestones Assessment System: End of Grade (EOG) and End of Course (EOC)