Stakeholder Information

Destruction of Records 

In accordance with state and federal regulations, Calhoun City schools will publish intent to destroy personally identifiable information related to special education services maintained on students with disabilities.  The destruction date is published and includes directions for students that may wish to maintain the information. 

Special education records are retained until the student reaches the age of 22.  Calhoun City  Schools has adopted and adheres to the Record Management and Retention Policy for Calhoun City concerning the maintenance, retention and destruction of confidential records.  

Public Notice of Private/ Home School Consultation for Students with Disabilities

Regular stakeholder meetings are held to provide consultation to  private/homeschool representatives, as required by IDEA.  Calhoun City Schools Director of Special Education will discuss the following:

1. The Child Find process and how parentally placed private/homeschool children with disabilities can participate;

2. The determination of the proportionate share amount of federal funds available to serve parentally placed private/home school children with disabilities, including how that amount was calculated;

3. The consultation procedures among the Local Education Agency (LEA) and private school representatives and how the process will operate;

4. How, where, and by whom special education services and related services will be provided for parentally placed private/homeschooled children with disabilities, including a discussion of the type of services, how the service will be apportioned if there are insufficient funds to serve all children and how and when these decisions will be made; and 

5. How the LEA will provide a written explanation to private school officials of the reason why the LEA chose not to provide services if the LEA and private school officials disagree.

For additional information please contact Heather McCrone, Exceptional Student Services Director, at 706-602-6610