REACH Scholars

Calhoun City Schools Names the Class of 2025 REACH Scholars

The goal of Governor Nathan Deal’s Complete College Georgia initiative is to graduate an additional 250,000 college students by 2020 with relevant postsecondary degrees for an ever-changing workforce. One of the programs created to help achieve that goal is Realizing Educational Achievement Can Happen (REACH).

From the Alabama border to the Atlantic Ocean inside the Peach State, there are academically promising students who strive to be the first in their family to attend college. REACH encourages both students and the community to shed their preconceived notions and ensure those dreams become reality. Deal launched this initiative state-wide as a “strategic investment in our students and our state.” Through college scholarships and academic and community support provided by the REACH program, more students can attain postsecondary credentials and be workforce ready.

REACH Scholars are required to sign a contract vowing to maintain good behavior, keep a cumulative grade point average above 2.5, meet with their REACH mentor at least twice a month and, along with their parents’ guidance, focus on achieving both a high school diploma and college degree.

Starr Mathews, the Calhoun Rotary Club, Georgia United Credit Union, Williams Energy, Truist Bank, Calhoun City Schools’ faculty and staff and the Calhoun High School student body have all pledged their support of the REACH scholarship program. "We are blessed to have these partnerships to ensure that all of our students have the opportunity to be successful," stated Dr. Michele Taylor, Calhoun City Schools' Superintendent.

The Class of 2026 REACH scholars were named in a ceremony during the October Board of Education Meeting on October 25, 2021. Chairman Eddie Reeves welcomed guests to the event. Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Peter Coombe, led the presentation of scholarships and sought commitments from the students, parents and community members.  The Class of 2026 REACH scholars, Erick Jaramillo and Marely Reyes, had the opportunity to sign their commitment contracts during the ceremony. Dr. Coombe shared, “We are extremely proud of the commitments made by our newly appointed REACH scholars and their families. This is the start of a long-term commitment to their future success and we are very excited for them!”

Class of 2026 REACH Scholars: Erick Jaramillo and Marley Reyes

Class of 2025 REACH Scholars:  Sheyla Herrera-Monroy, Anthony Velazquez and Isabella Sanchez

Class of 2024 REACH Scholars: Lesly Chavez and Julissa Bahena

Class of 2023 REACH Scholars: Samantha Ramirez and Debany Rosillo-Olmedo

Class of 2022 REACH Scholars: Chris Canchola and Alexis Baggett

Class of 2021 REACH Scholars: Freddy Mena Bravo and Chantel Johnson

Class of 2020 REACH Scholars: Jennifer Guzman

Class of 2019 REACH Scholars: Josue Buendia and Ariana Guzman Cantellano

Chris Canchola and Alexis Baggett will graduate this spring as the fourth cohort to be awarded a full scholarship to college. "Today is an exciting day to recognize these two who have worked so hard to maintain good grades, attendance and a demonstrated commitment to college readiness. We look forward to their future success," stated Dr. Taylor. Calhoun City Schools congratulates each of these scholars and pledges to support them on their journey to college and careers.

REACH Scholar Anthony Velazquez and family

Second Row: Board Secretary, David Scoggins; Board Chairman, Eddie Reeves; Superintendent, Dr. Michele Taylor; Board Member, Becky Gilbert-George; Board Vice Chair, Rhoda Washington and Board Member, Andy Baxter.

Superintendent, Dr. Michele Taylor; Board Secretary and Rotarian, Mr. David Scoggins; REACH Scholar, Sheyla Herrera-Monroy; REACH Scholar, Anthony Velazquez; Board Chairman and Starr Matthews representative, Eddie Reeves and Georgia United Credit Union representative, Harrison Stafford.

Front Row: REACH Scholar Sheyla Herrera-Monroy and family

Second Row: Board Secretary, David Scoggins; Board Chairman, Eddie Reeves; Superintendent, Dr. Michele Taylor; Board Member, Becky Gilbert-George; Board Vice Chair, Rhoda Washington and Board Member, Andy Baxter.

Pictured from L-R: Andy Baxter, Board Member; Rhoda Washington, Vice Chair; Michele Taylor, Superintendent; Isabella Sanchez, REACH Scholar; Eddie Reeves, Chairman and David Scoggins, Board Secretary

Front Row: Class of 2024 REACH Scholars:Lesly Chavez & Julissa Bahena and their families.

Back Row: Board Member and Rotarian Mr. David Scoggins, Board Vice Chairman Rhoda Washington, Board Chairman Eddie Reeves, Superintendent Dr. Michele Taylor, Board Secretary Tony Swink, Calhoun College and Career Academy Board Member Jim Rosencrance, Board Member Andy Baxter and State Representative Matt Barton.

The Class of 2023 REACH Scholars are Samantha Ramirez and Debany Rosillo-Olmedo.

The Class of 2022 REACH Scholars were named: Alexis Baggett and Chris Canchola were given the opportunity to sign their commitment contracts.

Class of 2021 REACH Scholars: Freddy Mena Bravo and Chantel Johnson