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Examining the Teaching Profession prepares candidates for future positions in the field of education. Teaching Profession candidates study, apply, and practice the use of current technologies, effective teaching and learning strategies, the creation of an effective learning environment, the creation of instructional opportunities for diverse learners and students with special needs, and plan instruction based on knowledge of subject matter, students, community, and curriculum performance standards. Candidates will be prepared to practice their skills and knowledge at a variety of elementary and secondary education sites.

Teaching As A Profession Pathway

13.01100 Examining the Teaching Profession*
13.01200 Contemporary Issues in Education*
13.52100 Teaching as a Profession Internship*

Early Childhood Education Pathway

Introduction to Early Childhood Care prepares the student for employment in early childhood education and services. The course also provides a foundation for advanced study leading to postsecondary education and careers in related fields. The course addresses early childhood care and education and development issues that include guiding the physical, cognitive, creative, social, emotional, and moral development of children. This course of study includes planning and guiding developmentally appropriate practices for working with young children including career paths, principles and theories of child development, the creation of a developmentally appropriate learning environment, collaborative relationships and guidance, lesson planning, and appropriate response to cultural diversity and students with special needs. Mastery of standards through project based learning, technical skills practice, and leadership development activities of the career and technical student organizations will provide students with a competitive edge for either entry into the education global marketplace and/or the post-secondary institution of their choice to continue their education and training.

20.52510 Introduction to Early Childhood Care and Education*
20.42320 Human Growth & Development for Early Childhood*
20.52610 Health, Safety & Nutrition for the Young Child*
20.52710 Early Childhood Education Internship