Work Based Learning

What is Work Based Learning? 

  • It is a valuable program that provides opportunities to students to explore their chosen career pathway by getting "on the job" training outside of the four walls of the classroom.
  • It gives students a realistic view of working and helps them decide if the career they have chosen is truly what they want to pursue. This can save parents a lot of money for college tuition on a career that the students may decide they don't want to pursue after working in the real world.
  • It helps students to develop responsibility at their workplace and learn proper work ethic.
  • The hours the students work are based on the individual student's schedule. Students must have at least two periods available in their schedule to participate.


  • Must be a Junior or a Senior
  • Must have at least an 80 overall GPA
  • Excellent attendance and disipline record
  • Must have at least 2 teacher recommendations
  • Must meet the requirements of courses outlined by the State of Georgia for their placement in Work Based Learning


  • Employer Evaluations = 40%
  • Portfolio Assignments = 40%
  • Soft Skills = 20%

Work Based Learning Student Application
Work Based Learning Teacher Recommendation Form

Director: Kelly Fuquea