Tips for Success in Online Courses



One of the most common mistakes that prevents Online Course Success is mismanagement of time. Use the tips below to organize your time to be more efficient.

Before you start a course:

  • Gather materials:  notebook, pencil/pen, paper to use throughout the course.
  • Make sure you understand how to use the curriculum platform Edgenuity for 6-12 and Google Classroom for 1-5.
  • Message center
  • Icons - lesson, test, projects, quizzes
  • Course- progress and reports
  • Assignments due
  • Deadlines
  • Keep files that you upload in the curriculum platform saved and organized in folders in your Google Drive.
    • If you need help with this, please ask a COLA staff member.
  • Make sure you have a space at home to work. Online courses require that you spend time working at home as well as the school for those attending in person.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to manage their own learning, but it is the responsibility of the parent to audit student learning and help the student set aside a time and place to work efficiently.


Tips for Success:

  • Make a schedule.  Use your cell phone and/or computer to create a learning schedule on your device's calendar.  Make notes on your digital calendar when a work session is complete so that you will know your time online for attendance purposes.
    • To be counted present for a week (5 days), students must have time online equal to 18+ hours.  If student is behind in a course, then more than 18 hours is required.
  • Familiarize yourself with COLA faculty and staff and know when and how to contact them if you need help when working at home.
  • Support staff for Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies is provided to all students. Support staff, however, have a specific schedule for the day.  Know your support staff and when they are available to help you.
  • Stay focused when working on your online courses.  Do not play games, watch videos/youtube/TV while you are working.  Distractions like those listed above, will prevent you from completing your work in a timely manner.
  • Check the courses in your platform.  
    • Be aware of what courses you should be taking.
    • Are the courses you are supposed to be taking in your platform?
    • If you are unsure, ask a COLA staff member to contact a COLA Counselor to verify.
  • Check email/messages from COLA staff.
    • Messages may contain constructive feedback on assignments you submitted.
  • Check announcements in the platform and from your email.
    • COLA staff sends out announcements to students on a daily basis.
  • Keep up with your grades in the courses  you are taking.  If you score low on a test, lesson, quiz, communicate with COLA staff if you need additional clarificaiton.  You must pass the course to receive credit for the course!
  • Deadlines:  make sure you are keeping up with deadlines/progress.  Each week a progress sheet is posted in COLA.  Students must make at least 8% progress each week in order to meet the final course completion deadline at the end of the semester.