School Profile

Calhoun Elementary School is located in the Calhoun Educational Complex on Raymond King Drive. We share the facilities with Calhoun Primary School, making us the largest school in the state of Georgia under one roof. The elementary school serves approximately 970 students in grades 3-5.  

The mission of CES is for ALL students to become lifelong learners in the pursuit of excellence. It is our goal that our community takes pride in our school and has confidence in the education that their children are receiving. In the last few years, student achievement has increased over every subgroup, and working in partnership with our parents and community members, the faculty and staff works our school improvement plan to continue in that direction. Some major focuses have been to develop a love for reading in every child and to increase their reading level and comprehension, to increase their ability to solve real-world mathematics problems, to give them realistic and hands-on science and social studies experiences, and to increase their exposure to and mastery of technology experiences. The implementation of Capturing Kids' Hearts has helped students in making choices that are better for themselves and for their peers, improving their manners, and building positive relationships. While students are privileged to experience top- notch classroom experiences, we also make sure that they have fun while they are here. We reward them for their behavior and academic successes. At Calhoun Elementary School we envision responsible and respectful students who are committed to success in all that they do; we envision ethical and effective teachers who collaboratively design engaging learning experiences for all students; and we envision productive productive partnerships with parents and the community.

Platinum School for Student Achievement
Active Parent Teacher Organization
Active School Governance Team
100%  Face-to-Face Parent- Teacher Conferences
Annual Musical Performances
Annual Art Show
Daily Student-Produced Live Announcements
Annual Math Mania Competition
Annual Cross Country Competition
Daily Activity Classes
Physical Education, Music, & Art
Technology and Careers
Exceptional Student Services
English for Speakers of Other Languages
Academic Interventions
Behavior Interventions
Early Intervention Program
Gifted Services (Discovery Program)
Guidance/ Counseling
Family Engagement Coordinator(Acceleration and Intervention) Time
Academic Field Trips 
Advancing Technology
Positive Behavior Program
STEM activities for all students