Swim Lessons

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Survival Infant & Toddler Swim Lessons
The course is designed to help infants and toddlers learn how to survive should they find themselves alone in the water.  Objectives (6-12 mos.): rise to top of water after falling in, roll onto back, rest, breath and maintain this position until help comes. Objectives (1-3 yrs.): rise to top of water after falling in, roll onto back and relax, take a breath, roll onto front and kick, roll onto back to breath and roll to front to kick until reaching safety.   

Parent Toddler Swim Lessons
Teaches ages 1 to 3 years with adult in the water to enjoy swimming through proven skills and techniques. The program teaches bubbles, floating, gliding and kicking. 

Private/Semi Private Swim Lessons: Beginners and Stroke & Technique 
Beginners program is designed specifically to meet the needs of the individual swimmer. Lessons are 1/2 hour long for 4 days with an instructor who provides individualized attention and instruction at the participants pace.  

Stroke & Technique program is geared toward the competitive swimmer, from the beginner seasonal to the highest athlete. The lessons have a three-fold purpose: Proper stroke technique, strong practice fundamentals & race preparation and strategy. Lessons will focus on pre-determined goals set with the coach.  

Participation Requirements:
CAC will accept children from age 6 months and up. CAC offers Parent/Toddler classes for ages under 3. Private or group classes for children and adults ( 3 and older).

Trained Staff:
The instructors are highly qualified and trained to provide quality swim lessons with care, compassion, and good humor. 

Calhoun Aquatic Center 106 Yellow Jacket Drive  Calhoun, Ga. 30701

Instructor to Student Ratio and Class Size:
To ensure the most ideal teaching conditions, CAC maintain an instructor to student ratio of no more than 1:5. Each class will be limited to 3 students minimum and maximum is determined by instructor availability. Classes will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Calhoun Aquatics believe that we are teaching your child a lifelong skill that can save your child's life. We believe that at the completion of a lesson progression, your child should have as many options in aquatics as possible. Whether it is basic survival skills, lifelong aquatic comfort in recreational aquatic activities, a lifetime of productive aquatic fitness, or even possible participation in a competitive swimming program, your child should learn how to swim correctly. We are confident that our goal-oriented program, 10 levels of advancement, and motivational instructors provide quality instruction, no matter what your child's aquatic future has in store.

Cancellations & Refund Policy:
CAC may cancel lessons due to weather, or pool conditions. Make-up lessons will be scheduled accordingly. Refunds for a Session will be given with a 24 hour minimum notice but Annual registrations are non-refundable.