Week 3

Jacket Jamboree was out of this world this past week, as campers blasted off with space and aviation-focused adventures. Arts and crafts provided background knowledge and hands-on experience with parachute making and aerodynamics. On Wednesday, the campers took their annual trip to the Tom B. David Airport in Calhoun, which is always one of the main highlights of the summer. The airport serves a variety of recreational and privately owned air transport services, which provided the campers with numerous examples of the importance of aviation in Georgia. Daily trips to the pool were balanced with laser tag and a trip to the Gem theatre. Campers concluded their week with a trip to the Sunrise Planetarium in Fairmount, allowing students a unique experience focused on space and the universe around us. Calhoun City Schools and the Community Education Department strives to build the bridge to the real world. CCS would like to say thank you to all community partners who help build the bridge to success for our children. This week’s immersion into the world of aeronautics took students one step closer to reaching for the stars!