KEEP Childcare

Before and after school childcare (KEEP) is available through the Calhoun Community Education Program.  This program is available as a supplement to the school day. KEEP is offered when school is in session and Jacket Jamboree is offered during identified holiday breaks.  The KEEP program provides a caring environment where students may work on homework and have play time with friends.  

Jr. Jacket Academy     Before school.............. 7:15-7:59 a.m. 
                                         After school................ 2:30-6:00 p.m.
PreK/CPS/CES             After school................ 2:40-6:00 p.m.
*No Before School KEEP for PreK/CPS/CES

For childcare opportunities during holidays and school closures, 
please visit our Jacket Jamboree webpage

All CCE Programs require online registration and payment.
Click the above icon to submit payment. 
*Cash/Check/Credit Card Payments can no longer be made. 
*All KEEP payments must be made online no later than 2:00pm of the day of attendance.  

Participation in the Before/After-School Care program requires pre-registration, registration approval, and prepayment.    

  • Register Online at
    • Registration fee:  $10 for one child or $20 for a family of 2 or more.
    • All registration applications must be reviewed / approved prior to attendance.  Please allow at least 3 school days for the approval process.  Students that require special services and/or supports must provide documentation for review at the time of registration.  Eligibility factors:  Discipline / Behavior records, required services as it relates to safety of students in the program environment, and ability to follow safety and program requirements.  
      • All students who have a 504 medical plan or a behavior plan must indicate that information on the registration form and provide the plan at the time of registration.  
      • All students who receive ESS services or have an IEP must indicate that information on the registration form. The special education director and school team will determine how best to meet the student’s individual needs.


  • Online payments only:  Cash / check payments will not be accepted.
  • Pick up procedures: Parents/guardians will pick up outside the double doors of the respective gymnasium and must show identification. Entry will be prohibited. 
    • Our goal is to limit the number of people on site and reduce exposure.


  • Where possible, staff will be assigned to the same group of students.
  • Where possible, social distancing will be followed and between groups, prohibit gathering and congregating among students. 
  • Masks are not mandatory but encouraged by students and staff.


  • Pre-Payment is required for participation.  
    • Registration and daily/weekly payments must be paid prior to attendance.
    • Join Remind Messaging by texting @ccekeep to 81010

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