Volunteer Resources

Thank you for your interest in volunteering in Calhoun City Schools.  Volunteering is an integral part of your child’s education and our instructional program.  They make a difference in our students’ lives and play an invaluable role in their education and development. We recognize that community support is vital to the success of our schools, so we welcome and appreciate visitors and volunteers to our school! 

Approval Procedure 
1. Determine the volunteer level (see below).
2. Complete the documents required for the respective volunteer level.
3. Return completed documents to the school office.
4. Wait for the approval notice from the school designee prior to volunteering.

Volunteer Level Descriptions

Level 1 volunteers are non-district personnel who will have no unsupervised or direct interaction with students such as volunteers working on playground construction or assisting with facilities maintenance when school is not in session.
o Examples include: classroom readers, student mentors or career day speakers with school/district personnel present at all times, outside student agency with parent release.
o Clearance Requirements
  • Copy of state-issued photo identification
  • Georgia sex offender registry
  • Approval from the principal or designee.
Level 2 volunteers are non-district personnel who interact with students, with or without other adults at all times present, as well as volunteers who handle monies.
o Examples include: one day field trip chaperones, book fair volunteers, classroom helpers, in-class tutors, field experience students, retired educators that supervise students, set builders, concession stand workers, local bus route chaperones and Parent Teacher Organization.
Level 3 volunteers are non-district personnel who will have direct, unsupervised interaction with students.
o Examples include: chaperones on overnight field trips, individuals who assist with athletics, arts, or academics programs and mentors who have unsupervised interaction with students.
Note: School visitors are not considered volunteers.

If you have any questions please contact the appropriate school designee.

Name Position E-mail Phone
Kelly Fuquea PreK Coordinator fuqueak@calhounschools.org 706-602-6841
Maria Garza CPS Family Engagement Coordinator           garzam@calhounschools.org        706-602-6715
Esperanza Campa         CES Family Engagement Coordinator campae@calhounschools.org 706-602-6631
Cecilia Trejo CMS Family Engagement Coordinator trejoc@calhounschools.org 706-602-6631
Marie Funes CHS Family Engagement Coordinator funesm@calhounschools.org 706-602-6682