Yellow Jacket Mentor Program

#CONNECT and Make a Difference at Calhoun City Schools as a “YELLOW JACKET MENTOR”

Yellow Jacket mentor

Calhoun City Schools is “Building Bridges to Excellence” by partnering with community leaders that want to make a difference in the future of our children. The “Yellow Jacket Mentor” program connects caring adults in the community with students, Kindergarten through High School Seniors, to provide guidance, encouragement, and support to help them become successful young adults, both in and out of school.

While school counselors, teachers and family members all play a vital role in keeping our students engaged in school and learning, the involvement of a community mentor can make a very meaningful connection.

Are you ready to make a difference and become a Yellow Jacket Mentor? Contact School and Community Relations Director, Jennie Coker at 706-602-6881 or fill out the application linked below.

Together we can #CONNECT and make a difference.

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Become a Yellow Jacket Mentor

Step 1: Complete the Mentor Application Link:



Step 2:Complete the requirement documents for a Level 2 Volunteer and return paperwork to the appropriate school.

Step 3: The appropriate school designee will contact you in regards to pairing you with a student.

Step 4: Start making a difference as a Yellow Jacket Mentor!

Level 2 volunteers are non-district personnel who interact with students, with or without other adults at all times present, as well as volunteers who handle monies. (Complete Level 2 Volunteer Packet)
Examples include: one day field trip chaperones, book fair volunteers, classroom helpers, in-class tutors, field experience students, retired educators that supervise students, set builders, concession stand workers, local bus route chaperones and Parent Teacher Organization.
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