Facility Rental / Usage

Inclusive School Based Activity: Facility Use Procedures for After Hour Events

         Employees: All facility use applications should be submitted 30 days prior to the requested use. 

 1.     Check Facility Calendar with school contact before submitting request. The school contacts are: S. West (CPS); M. Robertson (CES); M.Lewis (CMS), B. Holley (CHS), & B. Riley (CPAC).

2.     If date is open, complete the employee facility request form in full (located on system web page under Facilities) and submit the form to the school contact for approval.

3.     School Contact will approve/deny and add to the Facilities Calendar named “auditorium”. 

4.     After administrator approval, calendar invitations will be submitted to Tom Griffith, Facilities Director, Hal Lamb and the Local School Designee.

For Profit School Based & Non-School Based Activities: Facility Use Procedures, Forms & Fees 

Note:  House Bill 382  Liability insurance is required (see facility use application for details).  Event Liability Insurance can be purchased at www.marshcampus.com if needed.  Call 1-800-727-7642 if you have questions about coverage or the application process.

For Rental Information related to the Calhoun Aquatic Center (CAC) please visit the CAC website at www.calhounaquaticcenter.com 

For questions, please contact Dr. Peter Coombe, Assistant Superintendent, at 706-602-6661.