Business & Finance

Dee Wrisley

The Finance Department of Calhoun  City Schools is headed by Dee Wrisley, and is tasked with managing the finances of the city school district.  This department is imperative to the day to day functions of each school within our system and is responsible for managing payroll, budget, purchasing, facilitating internal and external audits, accounting, and investments.  The focus of the Finance Department is to provide responsible management of the community's resources for education so that educators can dedicate their time to student success. 

Current Bids/RFP's

BOE Request for Proposal: 


1.       The RFP says that the vendor needs to provide soap/sanitizer and paper dispensers as needed, plus miscellaneous items. What other things does the vendor need to supply?

2.       The RFP says that bidders must maintain adequate equipment. Please specify which equipment the vendor needs to supply (if any), and which equipment will be provided by Calhoun.

Answer:  We apologize for some of the confusion with the wording of this RFP.   This RFP is for staffing only.  All equipment, chemicals, etc. will be provided by Calhoun City Schools.  

1.       You mentioned these services have been outsourced – who was awarded the last bid, and who is/are your current vendors?

We are currently completely out-sourced with a custodial company

2.       Do you currently have needs regarding staffing services that are not being met? No.  

3.       Are the custodians union-based? No

4.       What are the current bill rates and pay rates for these services? N/A

5.       Will the district consider awarding multiple vendors? Would rather have 1 source but, would not rule out multiple in order to be fully staffed. 

6.       What hours are the custodians’ shifts? 2, overlapping 8 hour shifts starting at 7am until 5:00pm. 

7.       The RFP says the district anticipates needing 20-25 staff members working per week. How many are needed per day? 20-25 staff members working 5 days a week, 8 hours per day.  Occasional weekend work, usually paid as overtime. 

  • Do you have a set pay rate OR are you open to recommendations?

We currently have a set pay rate; however, with the current labor issues, we are open to suggestions. 

  • Would the custodians be responsible for locking and unlocking the schools?

The custodians are not responsible for locking/unlocking.  We have door controls in our facilities. 

  • Our services are currently provided by a full-services custodial company.  This RFP is for labor staffing only.  

Do we have to offer any benefits to these staff?

  • Any benefits offered to the staff will be the responsibility of the staffing company.  

In the general duties listed for daytime custodian, number 9 states "Replace pencil sharpeners, soap/sanitizer and paper dispensers as needed. Pencil sharpeners only will be supplied by Calhoun City School District."

  • Do we need to supply the rest of the items?

I apologize for the mis-leading wording.  All supplies, tools, etc are supplied by the school system.  Your bid is for staffing only. 

Would you kindly share your current pay scale with me?

 We plan to start at $9.50 per hour with no experience and pay up to $14 per hour. 

Addendum to Custodial Staffing RFP 

RFP Date: February 15, 2021 

Addendum Date:  March 1, 2021 

Title of Addendum: Proximity of physical office for proposers 

Addendum:  Proposers must have a physical office within 40 miles of Calhoun City Schools’ Board of Education Building.  The Calhoun City Schools Board of Education Building is located at 334 South Wall Street, Calhoun, Georgia.  30701 

Business and Finance Staff

Dee Wrisley
Chief Financial Officer
Calhoun City Schools
334 South Wall Street
Calhoun, GA 30701
(706) 602-6617  

Sharon Bennett
Accounting Assistant
Calhoun City Schools
334 South Wall Street
Calhoun GA 30701
Direct: 706-602-6629
FAX: 706-629-3235

Myra Ingle
Payroll/Employee Benefits Coordinator
Calhoun City Schools
334 South Wall Street
Calhoun, GA 30701
Office (706) 602-6612
Fax (706) 629-3235