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Dee Wrisley

The Finance Department of Calhoun  City Schools is headed by Dee Wrisley, and is tasked with managing the finances of the city school district.  This department is imperative to the day to day functions of each school within our system and is responsible for managing payroll, budget, purchasing, facilitating internal and external audits, accounting, and investments.  The focus of the Finance Department is to provide responsible management of the community's resources for education so that educators can dedicate their time to student success. 

Current Bids/RFP's

BOE Request for Proposal: 

Due to uncertainties concerning the COVID19 pandemic as well as the beginning/structure of school starting back, both the complex and campus RFP dates are being amended.  

Both the campus and complex RFP's are being amended in terms of the requirement for companies to provide all new equipment.

New equipment is not required; however, all equipment must be in good working order and of above average appearance.  

CCS reserves the right to request a piece of equipment be replaced if it does not meet our expectations. 

  • Both bids are still due by 12:00pm on June 19, 2020
  • There will not be any interviews on that date. 
  • There will not be a recommendation made to the BOE on June 22, 2020
  • The committee will review the bids during the week of June 22nd. 
  • If interviews are necessary, they will be set up during the week of June 29th. 
  • A recommendation will be made to the BOE during the July Meeting. (July 27, 2020)
  • Once the BOE chooses a provider, a transition plan and start date will be mapped out between the provider and Calhoun City Schools. 
  • I do not have a mat count.  Companies were welcome to count during the site visit. 
  • We are demolishing our former PreK/Central office building
  • We have posted on the state procurement site a budget of $430,000 for the campus and $200,000 for the complex
  • We are open 8:00am until 3:00pm. 
  • The hours are rolled up for the entire district in the current contract. (208 hours per day, 3 campuses)
  • The monthly cost is rolled up for the entire district in the current contract so this cost is not relevant to either RFP. (3 campuses)


  1. Does the RFP requirements match the requirements of the existing program?
    The existing program has the entire system.  (3 campuses). We are losing 1 campus.  We have an RFP out for EACH of the other campuses. 
  2. What is the annual all-in cost for the High School-Middle School and Primary Elementary School campus services?
    The current pricing is for the entire system.  It is not sub-divided by campuses. 
  3. Where are hand sanitizers needed? I.e. each school entrance.
    We have hand-sanitizers in place already. 

There are 2 RFP's posted.  One for the high/middle campus and one for the elementary school.  
The prebid meeting will tour both. 

The current management plan shows the following personnel: 
CMS: 2 Day Porters, 3 night custodians
CHS: 2 Day Porters, 7 Night Custodians, 1 Athletic/event custodian
We do have an account manager that we would highly recommend being retained. 

We are currently outsourced to ABM. 
The staffing for CMS and CMS is posted on our website from a previous question. (Link below) 
CPS/CES has 4 dat custodians and 5 night custodians working a total of 70 hours per day. 

1. CCS Campus Custodial RFP

2. CCS Complex Custodial RFP

The Benefits bid was awarded to Houze & Associates, Inc. in partnership with Starr Mathews. 


Business and Finance Staff

Dee Wrisley
Chief Financial Officer
Calhoun City Schools
380 Barrett Road    
Calhoun, Georgia  30701
(706) 602-6617  

Sharon Bennett
Accounting Assistant
Calhoun City Schools
380 Barrett Road
Calhoun GA 30701
Direct: 706-602-6629
FAX: 706-629-3235

Myra Ingle
Payroll/Employee Benefits Coordinator
Calhoun City Schools
380 Barrett Road
Calhoun, GA 30701
Office (706) 602-6612
Fax (706) 629-3235