Business & Finance

Dee Wrisley

The Finance Department of Calhoun  City Schools is headed by Dee Wrisley, and is tasked with managing the finances of the city school district.  This department is imperative to the day to day functions of each school within our system and is responsible for managing payroll, budget, purchasing, facilitating internal and external audits, accounting, and investments.  The focus of the Finance Department is to provide responsible management of the community's resources for education so that educators can dedicate their time to student success. 

Current Bids/RFP's

BOE Request for Proposal: 

Construction for the Central Office has been awarded to Momon Construction.

Complex Access Controls
  • IET Systems Inc $34,611.16
  • JaWal Security Solutions $60,525.26 to $90,787.90
  • Telenet Systems $35,351.80- Awarded the Contract
  • ALSCAN $36,908.00
  • Twelve & Associates $52,274.58
  • OnePath $65,977.00
  • Kellan Systems $29,538.00
  • Convergint $128,874.00
  • Summit Solutions Inc. $35,477.00

Business and Finance Staff

Dee Wrisley
Chief Financial Officer
Calhoun City Schools
380 Barrett Road    
Calhoun, Georgia  30701
(706) 602-6617  

Sharon Bennett
Accounting Assistant
Calhoun City Schools
380 Barrett Road
Calhoun GA 30701
Direct: 706-602-6629
FAX: 706-629-3235

Myra Ingle
Payroll/Employee Benefits Coordinator
Calhoun City Schools
380 Barrett Road
Calhoun, GA 30701
Office (706) 602-6612
Fax (706) 629-3235