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SHBP At A Glance - Plan Comparisons and Rates

2017 Decision Guide - Detail Plan Comparisons and more

Visit to view SHBP At A Glance including monthly rates, the 2017 Decision Guide, Videos to explain many of the plans and benefits offered within the health plans, and much more. 

SHBP Eligibility & Enrollment Provisions - effective January 1, 2016 (Enrolling in coverage, Qualifying Events, Appeals, COBRA, Rights and Responsibilities)

Summary Plan Description & Evidence of Coverage - Plan Year 2017 

Summary of Benefits and Coverage - Plan Year 2017 

Resources/Contact Information:

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Georgia  1-855-641-4862 

UnitedHealthcare 1-888-364-6352 

Kaiser Permanente  1-855-512-5997  

Wellness Program - Healthways  1-888-616-6411 

Pharmacy - Express Scripts  1-877-841-5227 

State Health Benefit Plan/SHBP  1-800-610-1863