Supplemental Retirement

Attention employees of Calhoun City Schools,

We are excited to notify you of a change in our Supplemental Retirement Plan Provider. Calhoun City Schools will be transitioning from VALIC/AIG to Empower Retirement.

Why did we make this change?

In partnership with our supplemental retirement plan Consultant, Arista Consulting Group, we identified three key areas that switching providers would improve for Employees of Calhoun City Schools.

  1. Service: Calhoun City Schools will now be provided a dedicated Relationship Manager to support School District officials in administering Calhoun City Schools' supplemental retirement plan.
  2. Lower Fees: Supplemental Retirement Services are provided at a fee. Empower provides the same services as VALIC/AIG at a more competitive (Lower) fee.
  3. Financial Planning: Plan participants will have regular access to a Financial Planner at no additional cost.

Empower Participant Notice

Arista Retirement Video