Field Experience & Student Teachers 

Calhoun City Schools is committed to attracting, supporting, and retaining the highest quality employees dedicated to providing an exceptional education for our students.  Calhoun City Schools has a growing incentive to provide experience in the classroom for all future educators which lead to job opportunities.  

Step 2: Complete the Application for Employment (Field Experience / Student Teachers) 
Step 3: Email Cindy Meadows at once the application has been completed for                     field experiences or student teaching.  
Step 4: Complete required forms sent via email for security clearance purposes.  
Step 5: Wait for clearance approval designation notice sent via email to the applicant and school administrator.  
    Note: Approval must be granted prior to placement.   
Student Teaching request for Calhoun City School Employees
Complete all of the above listed steps and submit the following form (attached) to the HR office and your supervisor (principal) a semester ahead of time for the requested leave:  

Other required documents for the HR department:  

  • Memorandum of agreement 
  • Student teaching placement request university
Dr. Michelle Palmer, Chief Officer of Human Resources 
Contact: 706-602-6628 
Mrs. Cindy Meadows, Human Resource Assistant  
Contact: 706-602-6655 

The Calhoun City School’s “Growing Our Own” initiative focuses on the growth and development of future educators through programs such as Field Experience placements, Student Teaching positions, Substitutes to Educators, KEEP / Jacket Jamboree Staff to Educators, and Educators as a Profession pathway.