School Nutrition

The School Nutrition program’s main concern is the health and well-being of all students. The students are encouraged to participate in the breakfast and lunch meal programs. The selection of foods offered to students is appealing yet nutritious. The meal program strives to lower fat, sodium, and sugar and to increase the fiber in foods offered in order to ensure the health of all who partake.

Menus are prepared monthly for grades Pre-K through 5th and quarterly for 6-12 grades. These menus are planned following the Dietary Guidelines of Americans and the federal guidelines of the Department of Agriculture, and are distributed to the students monthly.

  • Free and Reduced Applications are accepted at all schools or at the School Nutrition Office throughout the year.
    Sherrie Dobbs at 706-602-6627.

Name Position Email Address Phone
Kim Kiker Nutrition Director 706-602-6613
Shelley Whitton CPS/CES 706-602-6713
Lisa Brzozoski CMS/CHS 706-602-6650
Tonya Prather Calhoun Pre-K 706-602-6624
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