Student Services

Calhoun City Schools employ various professionals to assist children in achieving their maximum academic potential. Working together School Counselors, Family Engagement Coordinators, School Nurses, and Social Workers provide support services for students from PreK through high school graduation. Through a multi-discipline approach, these professionals focus on emotional, behavioral, social, physical, and academic domains to address barriers to school success.

Do you have questions about a particular program or service? Below is a contact list for our different programs.

Program/Topic Contact Person Phone Email
Attendance Protocol Amanda Schutz 706-602-6677
Calhoun On-line Learning Academy Melanie Harwell 706-602-6619
Equity in Sports - Title IX Brock Holley 706-602-6769
Federal Programs (Title I, Title II, Title III, TItle IV, Title VB) Amanda Schutz 706-602-6677
Foster Care Point of Contact Abigail Ayers 706-602-6648
Home School Information Georgia Department of Education

Homeless Children and Youth Nicole Errickson 706-602-6609
Hospital Homebound, Special Education, and 504/MTSS Heather McCrone 706-602-6610
Migrant Education Amanda Schutz 706-602-6677
Parent and Family Engagement Amanda Schutz 706-602-6677
Pre-K/ Junior Jacket Academy Susan Bennett 706-602-6720
Special Education (Exceptional Student Services) Heather McCrone 706-602-6884
Student Information Melanie Harwell 706-602-6619
Title VI (Discrimination) Coordinator Amanda Schutz 706-602-6677
Title IX (Harassment) Coordinator Amanda Schutz 706-602-6677
Tuition Amanda Freeman 706-602-6720
Volunteer Information Family Engagement Coordinators Contact School  


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