School Counselors

The priority of School Counselors is to provide support to students, families, and school communities in order to increase student achievement by addressing social, emotional, and behavioral needs. At each school level, the school counselors provide age appropriate intervention and guidance for school success and aid in preparing the students for the next level in their academic or career goals.  School counseling programs consist of the following activities:

Complex Counselors- Brenda Franco, Darlene Bateman and Elaine Hite

Campus Counselors - Ashley Wood, Heidi Allen and Kendra Arnold 

  • Individual and small group counseling.
  • Classroom guidance activities and Character Education.
  • Consultation with parents and staff.
  • Parent education regarding numerous topics (i.e. bullying, college requirements, etc.).
  • Work in cooperation with the family engagement coordinators and social workers as a liaison between home and school.
  • Make referrals to the Department of Family and Children’s Services.
  • Act as clinical liaison to public and private mental health providers.
  • Provide college and career lessons and guidance to all students.
Name Position Email Address Phone Website
Ashley Wood CHS Counselor 706-629-9213  
Heidi Allen CMS Counselor 706-602-7694  
Darlene Bateman CPS/CES Counselor 706-602-6647  
Kendra Arnold CHS Counselor 706-602-6779  
Brenda Franco CPS Counselor 706-602-6681  
Elaine Hite CES Counselor 706-602-6771