School Nurses

The School Nurse is an individual that facilitates better health practices in the life of students and staff making a difference in student academic performance. The School Nurse’s primary goal is the facilitation of improved student performance for all students regardless of ethnic, physical or intellectual abilities. She maintains a clinic record for each student to use in maintenance care, assessment, or in the event of a school emergency.  She works with administration, PTO, community organizations and industries to promote interventions that will directly impact the health and safety of the entire school community.  The School Nurse is an integral part of helping to maintain or improve the health, well-being and ultimate success of our school community.

Calhoun Primary/Elementary Complex Nurses:  Connie Wehunt and Verneva Henson

Calhoun Middle/High Campus Nurse:  Lisha Nichelson 

Name Position Email Address
Verneva Henson School Nurse - Complex       
Connie Wehunt School Nurse - Complex
Lisha Nichelson        School Nurse CMS & CHS