Student Information System

The Student Information System (SIS) department has the responsibility of management and maintenance of all school/system data to ensure that the school system data is used in the most efficient and cost-effective manner in all areas of the school system’s operations.  The SIS department coordinates central office staff and school level staff in the use of uniform practices to provide accurate information on student demographics, attendance, grade reporting and scheduling.

In addition to student data management, the Student Information System department collects and submits all data for state reporting including the following data collections:  Full-Time Equivalency (FTE), Certified Personnel Inventory (CPI), Student Class, Pre ID (for testing), Civil Rights Data Collection and Student Record.  

Calhoun City Schools uses the Student Information System Infinite Campus to electronically maintain and manage all aspects of student records for the school system.  It has proven to be a great tool for teachers, parents and students.  Parent and Student Portal is one of the useful components of Infinite Campus.  Parent and Student Portal allows parents and students the ability to monitor student progress and attendance on a daily basis.  Another useful component of Infinite Campus is ShoutPoint.  ShoutPoint is a messenger tool which allows the school system to communicate important messages to parents and school employees via telephone and/or email.

For questions regarding Calhoun City Schools' Student Information System Department, please contact Monica Pierson (706) 602-6619. 

Name Position Email Phone
Yesenia Gaytan CMHS Student Information Specialist 706-602-6815
Teresa King CPES Student Information Specialist 706-602-6616
Amy Jones CELA Student Information Specialist 706-602-6711
Melanie Harwell Director of Student Information 706-602-6653
Susan Smith Student Information Admin. Assistant 706-602-6626