Welcome to the home of the Calhoun City Schools Technology Department. This department is tasked to provide and maintain a fast, reliable, and secure network for staff and students. We utilize the latest in switching and routing technology along with gigabit ethernet and fiber optics to build a strong base for our network to thrive. Our wireless network has the capacity to support a one-to-one model and beyond while utilizing the latest 802.11ac and 802.11ax Wi-Fi standards. For security we use industry leading Network Access Controls to prevent unauthorized access and top-notch content filter to protect users online. We utilize these resources to fully support our district’s main goal of inspiring all students to be come lifelong learners in the pursuit of excellence.

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Internet Acceptable Use (Policy Code:  IFBG)

Technology resources are provided for educational purposes that promote and are consistent with the instructional goals of the Calhoun City School System.Use of computers and network resources outside the scope of this educational purpose is strictly prohibited. Employees accessing network services, or any school computer shall comply with the district’s acceptable use guidelines. The district reserves the right to monitor, access, and disclose the contents of any user’s files, activities, or communications. Employees should have no expectation of privacy when using Calhoun City School System electronic resources.

See Board Policy: IFBG and Staff Internet Acceptable Use Policy located on the Technology Services page of the Intranet.

Click below to review the Calhoun City Schools Acceptable Use Policy

CCS Acceptable Use Policy


Name Position  
Shane Shelton Technology Director   
Tim Moss Systems Administrator  
Quinn Whitlock     Technology Technician  
Jacob Chastain
Technology Technician