Employee Shuttle

2018 – 2019 CCS Employee Shuttle Schedule

Please make sure children are at the bus stop prior to the depart time to ensure punctuality.  The Staff shuttle cannot return for missed riders.

Each school has procedures for where the students shall report when they return to the parent in the afternoon.  Please speak to your administrator for details.


Depart at:                                  Location:
6:50                                            Complex (in the back)
7:05                                             Pre-K/CO (double doors on Pre-K side)
7:20                                             CMS/CHS(at the bridge)
7:35                                             Returns to Complex(in the back)
7:55                                             Pre-K/CO(double doors on Pre-K side)


Depart at:                              Location:
2:10                                             Pre-K/CO (PreK Bus Riders)
2:35                                            Complex
3:00                                            Pre-K/CO
3:20                                            CMS/CHS (at the Bridge)
3:30                                            Pre-K/CO
3:40                                           Returns to Complex