Netsmartz - Encourages children to report victimization to a trusted adult  

Webwisekids - programs prepare kids to be their own first lines of defense so they can confidently explore the best that the Internet has to offer.  

Surf Swell Island - A Disney site for kids and parents to learn about internet safety  

Kidsmart - Educates kids and adults on searching the internet safely  

Safeteens - Internet safety for teens  

ikeepsafe - Teaching children the safe and healthy use of technology and the internet  

Cybersmart - Increase student engagement and prepare students to achieve in today's digital society


Net News

Safekids - One of the oldest and most enduring sites for internet safety  

Wiredkids - Protecting children from sexual exploitation related to the internet



National Cyber Security Alliance - NCSA's mission is to educate and therefore empower a digital society to use the Internet safely.

Kids get wise - Educating parents and their children about how to use the internet safely 

Kids shield - Tools and information to create a SafetyNet for your children online educates children and young adults on the danger and consequences of cyber crime  

Kids Cyber ethics- Educates children and young adults on the danger of cyber crime.

Protect kids - Making the internet safer for childeren and families  

Safe surf - The first family organization devoted to building a safe Internet  

iSafe - The leader in Internet safety educations  

Cyber smart curriculum - A rich complement of parent resources to create an integrated K-12 Digital Literacy and Citizenship curriculum

National Cyber Security Alliance:  Public/Private Partnership including Dep’t. Homeland Security,  corporate sponsors such as Symantec, CISCO, Microsoft, SAIC, EMC, McAfee) and other nonprofits.

Media Awareness Network : MNet is a Canadian non-profit organization that has been pioneering the development of media and digital literacy programs since its incorporation in 1996.

Free curriculum CyberSmart! Cyberbullying Package; endorsed by National School Boards Association, Technology Leadership Network and others