Graduation Requirements

Understanding your requirements for graduation is an important part of being successful in high school.  If you have questions about your requirements, please ask your counselor.  

Subject  Required Classes 


needed for graduation

Math  Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus or higher 4
English 9th Grade Literature, American Literature 4
Science Biology; Physical Science or Physics; Chemistry or Environmental Science 4
Social Studies World History, U.S. History, Government & Economics 3
Health/PE Health and Personal Fitness (1 credit) 1
CTAE/FL/Fine Arts

Three courses in CTAE, Foreign Language, or Fine Arts 


Electives Additional courses in any subject area 7
TOTAL   26


Promotion Requirements

To be promoted from 11th to 12th grade, a student must have a total of 19 units including 2.5 units of English and 2.5 units of Math.  

 To be promoted from 10th to 11th grade, a student must earn 12 total units.  This total must include 1½ units in English and 1½ units in Math.  

To be promoted from 9th to 10th grade, a student must earn 6 total units.  This total must include ½ unit in English and  ½ unit in Math. 

College and Career Exploration Requirements

The Georgia BRIDGE Law requires all students to complete the following benchmarks for promotion/graduation.  Activities will be incorporated into advisement and other courses. 

12th grade students must identify their post-graduation plan: 4-year, 2-year, or technical college, military, apprenticeship, special purpose school, or workforce. 

11th grade students must explore three postsecondary institutions that offer programs aligning with their graduation plan. 

10th grade students need to be aware of “Dual Enrollment Credit” programs.  

 9th grade students must investigate three  occupations. 

College Entrance Requirements

Please see individual college websites for specific admissions requirements.             

College visits
  •             4 college visits per student during high school
  •             College visits do not count as absences
  •             Student must complete a permission slip before visit (preferably several days in advance)
  •             Must bring verification from college
  •             Winter, Fall, and Spring Breaks are great times to visit colleges.