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Class of 2021

 Class of 2021 April meeting- Presentation that was shared in the Senior Class meeting on 4/13/21.

Cap and Gown orders/Senior Fees are due by March 26th. The link to order can be found if you scroll down this page. In addition, here is another reminder about graduation attire and regalia: 

As stated in our student handbook, only school-issued regalia may be worn at graduation. For those earning cords/stoles, these will be issued by the school directly. No other regalia may be worn and caps may not be decorated. This maintains the integrity of the graduation ceremony that will be held on May 28, 2021. 

They must attend all graduation practices. They must be clear (not owing money/fees to any department of CHS). They must dress appropriately based on the information communicated to students and parents addressing graduation attire. Caps and gowns may not be decorated and must only include school-issued regalia. They must pay the graduation fee which covers the cost of the diploma, diploma cover, decorations, reception, and cap and gown. They must complete all required courses by the end of the school day, three days prior to graduation. 

*Note, seniors may lose the privilege of walking in graduation for serious discipline offenses.

Guide to career options and choices for parents and high school students - webinar and information linked here.

Class of 2021 January Meeting - Presentation that was shared in the Senior Class meeting on 1/26/21.

Financial Aid & Scholarship Seminar - slideshow to accompany the screencast

Financial Aid & Scholarship Screencast - screencast that was shared in January's advisement

Class of 2021 Senior Seminar - emailed to all students in the Class of 2021 email group.

Cap and Gown orders/Senior Fees - click here for more information.

Apply to College Month presentation linked here -  In addition, the two screencast presentations have also been emailed and presented in advisement.

Apply to college screencast 1

Apply to college screencast 2

Seniors, BIG NEWS has been announced regarding in state schools waiving the SAT and ACT for admission. Click here to find out more information.

SAT and ACT Test dates and instructions are linked here

Seniors needing to request their high school transcript for college applications, fill out the transcript request form.

Seniors needing to request a transcript for their dual enrollment courses - GNTC Transcript Request 

GA Futures:  gafutures.org

Directions to create your Gafutures account: Creating GAFutures account

If you are in need of a recommendation letter from Mrs. Arnold, please download the form linked below, complete it, and send it to Mrs. Arnold so she can use it to write your letter. Senior Information Sheet 

SAT help:   https://www.gafutures.org/college-planning/college-decision-guide/test-prep/sat/

ACT help:   https://www.gafutures.org/college-planning/college-decision-guide/test-prep/act/


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