Health Clinic

School Nurse: The school nurse serves students at the CMS/CHS Campus. The school nurse is a registered nurse and available to our students for such things as illness, injuries, reference information, vision/hearing screenings, etc. Office hours are posted at the nurse’s office, and the main office can reach the nurse at all times. Students must have a clinic record filled out and signed by a parent/guardian to receive services at the clinic. The nurse in cooperation with the athletic director and local doctors offers free physical each spring for students who plan to participate in sports in the upcoming school year. Students are encouraged to use this free service offered by the clinic. 

Food Allergies (Peanut Allergies): Calhoun Middle School and Calhoun High School work with the students and parents to minimize the risks and provide a safe environment for allergic students. Due to the enrollment of students with severe, sometimes life-threatening peanut allergies, parents are asked to be considerate of these medical conditions and refrain from sending any food items (lunch, snacks, etc.) that contain peanut products to school. 

School Nurse

 Lisha Nichelson  CMS/CHS Nurse  Email  706-602-6774