CHS School Nurse

School Nurse: Our school nurse has an office at both CMS and CHS. The school nurse is a registered nurse and available to our students for illness, injuries, reference information, vision/hearing screenings, etc. Office hours are posted at the nurse’s office, and the main office can reach the nurse at all times. Students must have a clinic record filled out and signed by a parent/guardian to receive services at the nurse's office. The nurse, in cooperation with the athletic director and local doctors, offers free physicals each spring for students who plan to participate in sports in the upcoming school year. Students are encouraged to use this free service offered by the school nurse. 

Food Allergies: Calhoun Middle School works with students and parents to minimize the risks and provide a safe environment for any students with food allergies. Due to the enrollment of students with severe, sometimes life-threatening allergies, parents are asked to be considerate and mindful of these medical conditions.

Contact Information for School Nurse:

 Lisha Nichelson  CMS/CHS Nurse  Email   706-602-6693


Students who have completed all doses of the COVID-19 vaccine are exempt from being quarantined. In an effort to expedite the contact tracing process, you are welcome to share your child's COVID-19 vaccine information using the provided link. This is completely voluntary and will be treated as confidential information. Only members of the contact tracing team will have access to this information. Thank you for your assistance.