CCS Tech Competition FAQ

 Who can participate in the tech competition?
Calhoun City Schools students in grades 3-12. Younger students may participate, but they will compete in the 3rd/4th grade division.

What do I need to bring to the tech competition?
You will need to bring your project and a  computer, laptop or device that will display your project, including software used to create your project. You are not guaranteed internet connection at the fair.  Backups of your files are suggested.  In addition to your project, you must give a submission form to the judges. 

Can my partner for the project be in a different grade?
Yes. However, the project will be entered in the grade of the oldest student. 

Can adults or other students help with my project?
Yes, you may receive help from others. However, the project is to be a work by the student or student team of two. Any help should be to assist the student in the creation of the project and judges will expect a student to explain any aspect of a project's function. If someone else helps you do something, be sure that you understand how to explain it to the judges.

I want to enter the logo contest. Do I have to enter a tech competition project too? 
No. You can enter only the logo contest, only the tech fair, or enter both- enter the logo contest and tech fair.

How many projects can I enter?
Students may enter only 1 project.