High School Debate

Coached by Judge Lane Bearden, the Calhoun Debate Team competes locally, state-wide, and nationally in many debate tournaments  year-round, ranging from Policy, Public Forum, Lincoln-Douglas, and Congress debate formats. Members of the Calhoun Debate Team are eligible to receive NFL (National Forensic League) points which can earn a member special recognition through copious accumulation of points from competing in debate tournaments. The Calhoun Debate Team is also supported by Friends of Calhoun Debate, Inc., (F.O.C.D.), the organization which administers the debate programs' fund-raising, research, transportation, housing, and summer debate workshop scholarship programs.

Requirements for those interested: 

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Debate Members:

Team Members:            
Lane Bearden - Coach  
Andrew Swann - Head Debater  
Hannah Ku - Debater   
Lauren Falkenstein- Debater   
Chaney Bearden - Debater   
Mark Bearden - Congressional Debater  
Randall Forster - Debater  
Cole Perez - Debater