Class Introduction

In ceramics students learn the ceramic process. This includes everything from basic clay preparation and storage to the various firing processes used to harden and colorize finished ceramic pieces. Ceramics incorporates a wide variety of skills and disciplines that align with and support what students are learning in their academic classes. Students regularly find real-world applications for mathematics and science in designing ceramic works of art, and english and history both lend themselves to the arts as well. Students get to keep all of the work they make in this class and these works often become valued family treasures. There are also many opportunities - both in person and virtual -for students to display their artwork to their peers and the community. CCS is proud to take part in the Harris Arts Center student show each year which is one of our best opportunities to display our student's achievements. 

Scholastic Art and Writing 

This is a fantastic opportunity for students to display their talents. Scholastic gives students the opportunity to compete in many different categories of visual arts and writing. Students are encouraged to submit works from this class to the ceramics and glass, or sculpture categories, but are of course welcome to submit in other categories as well!

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Info

All-State Art Symposium

All-state art symposium is another fantastic opportunity for students to compete and earn rewards with their artwork. Not only do students receive rewards this also includes a trip to Columbus State University for a day of workshops with college professors. 

All-State Art Symposium

National Art Honor Society

I am proud to sponsor the CHS chapter of NAHS. This organization offers many additional opportunities for our students including field trips and competitions. Students are able to stay connected with visual arts even if they are not able to stay enrolled in visual arts classes.

NAHS Website

Ceramics Syllabus

Meet Mr. Elakman

My name is Johnathan Elakman and I teach Ceramics and art to both middle and high schoolers. I am glad to be here at my alma mater teaching my favorite subject from when I was a student here. As one of two visual arts teachers here at CHS I am always looking for ways to showcase my students and their artwork. I really enjoy seeing students realize their potential in bringing their ideas to life. 

My background in the arts includes this very class that I teach now. From there I went on to attend Tennessee Tech University where I earned a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in glass blowing. While glass was my main concentration I also took courses in wood working, blacksmithing, and jewelry making along with foundational classes like drawing and 2D/3D design. Overall it was an incredibly well rounded education in the arts that prepared me well for teaching. After I became a teacher I attended Georgia State University to earn my Master's degree in art education where I learned more about the teaching side of being an art teacher. 


MAT in art education from Georgia State University

BFA with a concentration in glass blowing from Tennessee Technological University

Calhoun High School 2012 graduate


Johnathan Elakman

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