Visual Arts

Class Introduction

The high school visual art program offers students a comprehensive 2D art experience, with a focus on drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, and mixed media.  Through the program students will learn techniques and design concepts that will help them gain the confidence to express themselves visually.  

Students will also learn about a wide variety of artistic styles, movements, and will be introduced to a  diverse selection of artists.  Students will have the opportunity to interpret works of art from history and engage in class critique with their classmates. They will find meaning in their work and the works of others through discussions and written responses. 

Most importantly art is fun! When students find the fun in learning then it will be a life-long pursuit.  The art classroom at Calhoun High School is that is a safe space for all students to express themselves.  Art is for everyone and it is all-inclusive. We can all be patrons and supporters of the arts. 

Students get to keep all of the work they make in this class and these works often become valued family treasures. There are also many opportunities - both in person and virtual -for students to display their artwork to their peers and the community. CCS is proud to take part in the Harris Arts Center student show each year which is one of our best opportunities to display our student's achievements. 

Scholastic Art and Writing 

This is a fantastic opportunity for students to display their talents. Scholastic gives students the opportunity to compete in many different categories of visual arts and writing. Students are encouraged to submit works from this class to the ceramics and glass, or sculpture categories, but are of course welcome to submit in other categories as well!

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Info

All-State Art Symposium

All-state art symposium is another fantastic opportunity for students to compete and earn rewards with their artwork. Not only do students receive rewards this also includes a trip to Columbus State University for a day of workshops with college professors. 

All-State Art Symposium

National Art Honor Society

I am proud to sponsor the CHS chapter of NAHS. This organization offers many additional opportunities for our students including field trips and competitions. Students are able to stay connected with visual arts even if they are not able to stay enrolled in visual arts classes.

NAHS Website

High School Visual Arts Syllabus

Meet Mrs. Johnson

My name is Kate Johnson and I teach Visual Art at Calhoun High and Middle School.  Calhoun holds a special place in my heart.  I grew up only a few blocks from downtown and I am a third generation Calhoun High School graduate. During my time as a student I played in the band, was a member of the debate team, and spent a lot of time in the art room. 

Although my background is in photography, I also enjoy painting and working with clay.  Throughout my teaching career I have taught all ages and levels of students, starting at the Pre-K level and up to high school. My lifelong passion is helping students develop a love and appreciation for the arts.  The art room is a place where students should feel inspired to try something new, make mistakes, and most of all have fun learning. 

Besides creating art, in my spare time I also love to spend time outdoors with my daughters Maggie and Susanna and my husband Tim. I also practice Yoga and teach part-time at Yovana Yoga Studio, in downtown Calhoun. 


Masters of Art Education from the University of Georgia 

BFA Photography from the University of Georgia

Calhoun High School 2004 Graduate