Formal Event Guidelines

Calhoun High School Formal Event Dress Code Guidelines and Expectations

General Information: Formal events at Calhoun High School are meant to be elegant and classy. All young men and women attending CHS formal events are expected to adhere to CHS formal dress code requirements. Before you buy your attire please make sure it fits the following guidelines.  Please note that Court/Queen attire must also meet this dress code.

NON-CHS Student Form- Permission form must be submitted for any non-CHS student who is attending a formal event with a CHS student. Once complete, forms should be submitted to Dr. Holley for final administrative approval. 

Formal Events: Prom, Homecoming Court, Homecoming Dance, etc. 

Guidelines for Young Women’s Attire:

  • Dresses and gowns
  • Dress or Gown Length:  Knee length, tea length (hem is between ankle and knee) and long dresses; dresses 3-5 inches above the knee
  • Strapless dresses are permitted if they snuggly fit (you should not have to continually pull it up).
  • Slits (front, back, and side) need to stop before mid-thigh. Slit Example
  • Bare midriffs in excess of 1" in width are not permitted.
  • Side or front cutouts are not permitted. Cut Out Example
  • See through material over bare skin is not allowed (except in the neck and upper torso region). Acceptable See Through
  • Back of dress must be mid-range not low cut (watch the “V”..stay above the navel line) V Cut Example
  • Bi-level dresses must meet length requirements of 3-5 inches above the knee in the front. Bi-Level Example
  • Ballerina dresses must meet length requirements of 3-5 inches above the knees

Seek administrative approval from Mrs. Parker if you are unsure about the appropriateness of your attire. The deadline for administrative approval for any formal event is two weeks prior to actual event date.

Students who arrive with inappropriate attire are subject to be asked to leave the event or change clothing. Removal from the dance may impact future school discipline action, school dance privileges, and/or including ramifications for graduation ceremonies. Parents will also be notified. 

Guidelines for Young Men’s Attire:

  • Suits, sport coats or tuxedos must be worn along with a tie, shirt, and dress shoes. (Coats and jackets may be removed during the dance).  Example Suits / Example Tux
  • Shirts must be buttoned up to the second button from the collar
  • Shirts must be worn at all times. A vest must have a shirt underneath
  • Pants should fit properly on the hip and not sag below the waistline