Student Power Skills

Power Skills at the Campus

Preparing students to be college and career ready is a priority at the Calhoun Middle and High School campus. Local business, industrial partners, and post-secondary schools have indicated the importance of strong Power skills, also called employability skills, work ethics, or 21st century skills, to the success of their employees and businesses. They also indicate they often have a difficult time finding and retaining employees that have these necessary skills. In response to this, Calhoun Middle and High Schools incorporates in all classes, a Power Skills grade that assesses the students on their "employability" based on classroom attitude, behavior and collaboration. These 3 areas are known to our students as the ABC's of Power Skills.  Included in these 3 categories are the following specific skills that students can focus on in order to improve their employability. The Power skills category comprises 10% of a student’s grade in each class. Students will receive a grade quarterly in this category (each 4.5 week grading period) throughout the school year. Each Calhoun campus teacher and adviser will work with students to model appropriate Power skills and explain how students can be successful in meeting all employability skill and course requirements.