Tips for Middle School Parents

Tips for Being a Middle School Parent:
1.  Familiarize yourself with the CMS website.
2.  Obtain your password for Parent Portal and visit it regularly.  How your child is doing in his/her classes should never be a surprise to you.
3.  Do not hesitate to call or email CMS faculty or staff members with questions or concerns.  We are here to help!
Tips for Easing Academic Concerns:
1.  Help your child with time management skills.
2.  Work together on a schedule for studying and completing homework.
3.  Encourage your student to work independently while offering enough support to foster confidence.
4.  Help your child become his/her own advocate.  Encourage him/her to discuss concerns with teachers.
5.  Avoid over-reacting to grades.  Helping your child adjust to the demands of a new school year early on is key to his/her success.
Encourage Independence and Responsibility:
1.  Our common goal is for all students to become self-sufficient which means making good decisions on their own and taking care of their own business.
2.  Encourage them to organize everything they need for school before going to bed each night.  (homework, things they need for after-school activities, lunch, clothes for the next day, etc.)
3.  Avoid rescuing them by dropping off things during the school day that they left at home.  Having to suffer the consequences of not having needed materials is the best way to prevent this from happening often.
Tips for Dealing with Common Middle School Issues - Friends:
1.  Realize that friend groups may begin to change in middle school.
2.  Encourage your child to choose his/her friends carefully.
3.  Talk to your child about what qualities make a good friend.
4.  Encourage your child to develop friendships with people who have similar interests and refrain from gossip and drama.
5.  Point out that a "frenemy" can be harmful and make life miserable.
General Tips for Parents:
1.  Build your child's self-esteem.  Tell him you love him and are proud of him.  When he does not succeed, help him feel better and urge him to keep trying!
2.  Talk with your child everyday and listen to his/her concerns.
3.  Discuss with your child the qualities in a friend that matter most such as being trustworthy and kind and making good choices when it comes to steering clear of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.
4.  Get to know your child's friends.
5.  Get to know the parents of your child's friends.
We want you to enjoy your child's time at Calhoun Middle School.  Please contact your child's teacher or the school counselor any time that you have a question or concern.  We are here to help!