Calhoun City Schools Registration Information for 2018-19

Returning Student Registration Click Here

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New students interested in registering for the 2018-19 school year, please click HERE to receive access to the on-line registration portal.  In addition, the parent/guardian enrolling the student will need to present proof of identification (may include photo I.D. from any source or other proof of identification) and one proof of residence.  Acceptable proofs of residence are also listed.    

If your child lives outside the city limits of Calhoun and would like to enroll as a Non-Resident Student, please present the following documents (if available) to the school that your child would like to attend: Non-Resident application, current report card or transcript, test scores, discipline report, and attendance records.  Tuition is required. Please see the tuition tab for more information. If the student qualifies as homeless in accordance with McKinney-Vento Law, the above proof is not required for enrollment but is appreciated.

Other documents required for kindergarten students and preferred for other new students when enrolling include: 

  1. Documentation of Child’s Date of Birth 

Examples: Certified copy of a birth certificate or certified hospital issued birth record; Military ID card or certificate of live birth from abroad from State Department; an adoption record; A valid passport; and/or a religious record signed by an authorized religious official. 

  1. Social Security Card or signed waiver
  2. Georgia Certificate of Immunization (GA DHR Form 3231), statement from Religious Entity for exemption, or Doctor signed temporary waiver
  3. Georgia Eye, Ear,Dental, and Nutrition Certificate (Georgia DHR Form 3300)  

Acceptable Proofs of Residence.  They must be current and have the physical address listed.  Only the following documents will be acceptable: 

  • Mortgage statement or Lease/rental agreement with beginning and ending dates, name, address, and/or telephone number of lessor; or 
  • Current gas, electric, or water bill (within 30 days); or 
  • Current government agency mail such as food stamp, Medicaid, or SSI statement (within 30 days). 

If the person enrolling the student is not the lessor or owner of the residence, the following items are required for proof of residence. 

  • A Statement of Legal Residence (under Optional Forms) must be signed and notarized by the parent/legal guardian and the residence owner/lessee.  If parent/guardian is enrolling more than one student in the district, each student should be listed on form and copies provided to each school; AND 
  • The residence owner/lessee must then provide one of the documents from the above listed acceptable proofs, and the person enrolling the student must provide one document with their name and the address where they are staying. 

Students missing any of the above documentation shall be enrolled and allowed to attend on a provisional basis for up to 30 days while awaiting evidence of age, residence, or other local requirement. 

Calhoun City Schools, in its enrollment procedures, requirements and process does not and will not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, or immigration status. 

Optional Forms (if applicable) 


Records Request

If student is transferring from another school, this form gives permission for CCS to request those records. 

Non-Resident Application 

Contrato de Non-Resident (Estudiante dedistrito)

Parents must complete if they live outside of Calhoun city limits. 

Statement of Legal Residence 

Declaración de Residencia Legal 

When an enrolling student is living with another family and do not have any utility or lease documentation in their parent/guardian’s name. 

Non-Parental Affidavit 

Declaración jurada de no Tutor/Guardián/Padre 

When a child is living/staying with someone who is not their legal custodian and does not qualify as homeless.  This form is good for 30-45 days until said adult can obtain some type of legal custody of child.  *If child is homeless or in foster care, form is not necessary. 

Grandparent Power of Attorney 

Poder Notarial de Abuelos 

When a student is residing with a grandparent but grandparent does not have legal custody.  Parent should sign document giving grandparent authority to enroll childin school. 

SSN Objection Form 

Formulario de Objeción de número de Seguro Social 

Parents must complete this form if they do not want to provide a copy of their child’s SSN. 

Medication Authorization 

Autorización de Medicamentos 

Specific documentation for parents who wish for school to administer medication