Payment Links

Please visit the following link to pay on accounts for Breakfast, Lunch, Tuition and Keep.
Questions on meal, payments or account balances please contact:
Sherri Dobbs 
CCS Food Services
Free & Reduced Application on-line...
Check website for menus. 
To pay on account go to...
Please note:
If you are paying on an account with a check or correct amount of cash...we can take those in the room. Then you will receive a receipt later.
Please note that all payments are to be put in separate envelopes and labeled.
                                                       Example:   8/12/16
                                                                        Bobby Smith
                                                                        Breakfast/Lunch Money
                                                                        $20.00 Cash or Check #1234 for $20.00
All accounts are different...and all go to different places. Example: Labeled like above but with Keep/Tuition etc...We do not have a change box in our if you need to make a cash payment and you need change, you'll have to go to the front office to pay.  
Thank you so much!