Grey Elephants

Mrs. Jessica Tinsley

My name is Jessica Tinsley. I would love to share a little information about myself with you. I am the middle child of three children. I have an older sister and a younger brother. We moved to Calhoun in 2005 and I have never felt so more at home. Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher. The love I have for kids is endless. I became an aunt when I was 9 years old and that assured me of my career path. I am a shy person at first, but also very fun and energetic once I get to know you. I would describe myself as a very patient, caring, loving, optimistic, and enthusiastic person. 

I have two beautiful children, my stepson Preston and my daughter, Emma. I am currently expecting my last bundle of joy in January 2019. My husband is Joshua Tinsley. He is my best friend and life just makes sense with him. My family is the most important thing to me. My mother is Pamela Bingham and my father is Roger Bingham. I would say that I am a big Daddy's girl. My mother is my rock and the best grandmother that I could ask for my children to have. 

This will be my second year as the lead teacher of the Junior Jacket Academy's Grey Elephant class. I love working with the younger children. I get to play all day and get kisses and hugs while doing so. Seeing these kids so excited about learning makes my heart smile. These kids become my own when they are in my classroom and I love each and every one of them. This is my fourth year working here at the Pre-K and I am proud to call this my home. I could not ask for a better place to work. 

I am thrilled and blessed to have another year with the Grey elephants! I cannot wait to meet all the milestones with this herd and to make new memories! #GoJackets #GreyElephants


Ms. Maira Palmerin

Ms. Maira Palmerin is the assistant teacher in the Grey Elephant classroom. She is a hard working, loving, caring, patient, and kind women that will make you smile as soon as you meet her. She was born in Mexico and loves to swim and play soccer. She has three sisters, four nieces, and four nephews. She loves being surrounded by kids and loves to watch them learn.

I am blessed to have her as my assistant for the second year in row!