Health Clinic

CPS School Nurse: Connie Wehunt

CPS and CES each have a school nurse who is located on campus, but are also shared with the other schools in the system when needed. The school nurses are registered nurses and are available to our students for such things as illness, injuries, reference information, vision/hearing screenings, etc. Office hours are posted at the nurse’s office, and the main office can reach the nurse at all times. Students must have a clinic record filled out and signed by a parent/guardian to receive services at the clinic. 

Allergies: Please be aware there are several students with food allergies. Some of these allergies are severe. Please do not share any food items with others. Also, please remember, when planning parties or dishes for classroom assignments, check for food allergies in your classroom. A peanut-free and shellfish-free area will be available during all lunch periods. Please do not sit in this area unless you are free of peanuts, peanut products, or shellfish.                  

Connie Wehunt
CPS School Nurse
(706) 602-6636