Calhoun Primary School

Accelerated Reader

The Accelerated Reader Program is an exciting and innovative reading program that encourages students to read quality literature.  Each year the AR program utilizes a theme, offers rewards incentives, and recognizes students who excel in the program.  Students:

  • Take the STAR test to determine their “zone of proximal development.”  This should be done within the first three weeks of school.
  • Have a set goal of 80% for accuracy.  This will also be the school-wide goal.  Monthly goals are based by the grade level.  
  • Select a book in their “zone” from the specially coded books.
  • Read a book at his/her own pace at school or home.  Students may also take tests on books which have been read to them.
  • Take a computerized test featuring 5, 10, or 20 comprehension questions.  The computer will report the number of correct responses, the reading level, and the length of the book.

Reading Levels:

 RL  0.1-0.9   Blue

 RL  1.0-1.9  Green
 Lexile 25-325 

RL  2.0-2.9   Yellow
Lexile 350-525

 RL  3.0-3.9   Red
 Lexile 550-675

 RL   4.0-4.9   Orange
 Lexile 700-790 

 RL    5.0-5.9  White
 Lexile 800-890

 RL   6.0-6.9   Pink
 Lexile 900-970

 RL   7.0-7.9   Light Green
 Lexile 975-1025

 RL 8.0 +      Black
 Lexile 1050 + 

  • Calhoun Primary and Calhoun Elementary will kick off the beginning of the Accelerated Reader program for the 2019-2020 school year on Thursday, August 22, 2019.  Our library theme for the school year is,  “Reading is out of this world!” Students and staff are invited to celebrate reading by dressing up with a space/astronaut/alien theme. 
    • All students who meet their monthly goal will receive a Reading Tag for that month. Students may earn one Reading Tag per month, for a total of 8 tags (September - April). 
    • All students who meet their yearly goal will receive a yearly goal tag and will be able to attend the AR Carnival in May. The cut-off date to meet the goal is Friday, May 1, 2020. 
    • Students who go above and beyond with the reading program will earn the following rewards:  

AR Points Rewards 

 CPS Rewards



 100 "Shelfie" in Media Center
 100 Day in Library 
150  Day Anywhere
 200  Pizza & Ice Cream Party
 250 $25 Wal-Mart Card
 300 Rome Braves Tickets
 Break Record $100 Dollars (385.4 by Cate Rutland) 


CES Rewards



 100 "Shelfie" in Media Center
 200 Day in Library 
 300  Day Anywhere
 400  Pizza & Ice Cream Party
 500 $25 Wal-Mart Card
 600 Rome Braves Tickets
 Break Record $100 Dollars (857.3)