The Dewey Challenge

The students at Calhoun Elementary have the option of participating in the “Dewey Challenge.”  Students who accept this challenge to read 25 books from the 10 classifications of the Dewey Decimal System will complete the following requirements:

• For each book read, complete an AR test with at least 80%; or complete a summary of a non-AR book.  If an AR test is not available, complete the Dewey Challenge graphic organizer or do a Book Talk with the class.

• Have non-AR books signed off as completed by the homeroom or reading teacher.

• Read the following requirements:

 000 / 100 / 200  1 Book 
 300 / 400  2 Books
 500  3 Books
 600 1 Books 
 700  2 Books
 800  2 Books
 900 3 Books 
Newspaper or Magazine 1 Issue
Fiction 10 Books

Taking the Dewey Challenge will push the students to expand their reading.  It will help them learn about new ideas, learn new words, and expand their knowledge.  If that’s not enough, anyone who completes the challenge will earn a Dewey Challenge T-Shirt and party.  Students should see the media staff at 5, 10, 15, 20 & 25 books for progress awards!

The deadline to turn in Dewey Challenge reading log to the media center: Tuesday, April 30, 2019.


Click here for the Dewey Challenge Reading Log.


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