School Profile

Calhoun Primary School is located at 102 Raymond King Drive in Calhoun, Georgia.  We share the Calhoun Educational Complex with Calhoun Elementary School and serve approximately 925 students in grades First through Third. We are a Georgia Title I Distinguished School and we have been a repeat recipient of the Platinum Award which is bestowed by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement for greatest gain in students meeting and exceeding state standards.   

Calhoun Primary takes pride in our school and what it has to offer!  Our mission is to inspire all students to become life-long learners in the pursuit of excellence. Our Faculty and staff works tirelessly to ensure every child receives the highest quality education possible by continuously seeking ways to raise the bar of educational excellence for all students.  Standards based focus, research based practices, engaging learning experiences, differentiated instruction, data driven decision making, interest based study, emphasis on character, environmental education projects, musical and artistic performance opportunities and service learning characterize our school. 

At Calhoun Primary School, we support the needs of each child individually by providing a strong guidance/counseling program, flexible grouping, daily intervention/acceleration time, Discovery (gifted education resource class), ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), EIP (Early Intervention Program), Special Education (inclusion/resource) and STEM activities. All students are afforded the opportunity to participate in art, music, project based learning, science exploration, and physical education classes. Interactive programs are also well established within our school to expose and educate our students in the areas of environmental education, manners/etiquette and philanthropy. Each classroom in our facility is equipped with interactive “smart boards,” laptop/desktop computers, iPads. Many students at Calhoun Primary also take advantage of additional school sponsored opportunities offered such as MathMania, various art exhibition and recognition programs, annual grade level musicals, Young Georgia Authors program, chorus, etc.  

Calhoun Primary School has a very active PTO and Governance Team. Parent volunteerism and support in our school is extraordinary. Our parents collectively log in 2000+ hours each year working in our building to enhance the learning environment and opportunities for our students.

With the collaborative efforts of faculty, staff, students, parents and the community, Calhoun Primary School is a place of excellence where children can achieve full potential in their academic, creative, personal, physical and moral development.  

At Calhoun Primary School we offer the following programs to students...

Title I Distinguished School 

Standards Based/Learning Focused Classrooms

Flexible Grouping

Differentiated Instruction

Engaging Lessons

Interventions/Acceleration Classes

EIP (Early Intervention Program)

Discovery (gifted resource)

ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

Special Education (inclusion and resource)


I Pad, Digital Projector and Smart Board Technology

GATE Academy (Gifted and Talented Experiences)

MathMania Competition 

Young Georgia Authors Program

Science Lab 

STEM Innovation Lab

Environmental Education    



Music Class


Grade Level Musicals

Art Class

Art Exhibition

Art Competition Opportunities

Special Shows/Performances Presented to Student Body



Physical Education Classes

Special Athletic Events/Competitions